ALPA's Vision Statement, Strategic Goals & Initiatives

Vision Statement

The Air Line Pilots Association, International, will spare no effort to aggressively fight for the rights and needs of airline pilots. We will work together—across all segments and corporate brands—to restore our proud profession. We are committed to the principle that our profession is best served by unifying all pilots within our union and organizing all pilots within our profession.

ALPA pilots must embody the values of solidarity, integrity, and tenacity as we work to accomplish the goals of the union. Leaders commit to identifying and aggressively addressing the concerns, aspirations, and ideas of our members, and leaders will act decisively to move the pilots’ agenda forward.

When one ALPA pilot has a problem, all ALPA pilots have a problem.

Strategic Goals

Our Union will:

Work at all levels of the Association to change the survival mentality of our members to one of an aggressive, collective union fighting to restore ALPA’s strength as an advocate for the piloting profession.

Create—and take advantage of—opportunities to improve the wages, benefits, and working conditions of ALPA members.

Actively build membership confidence in our union to increase member support, solidarity, and involvement.

Remain loyal to ALPA’s Unity Resolution.

Apply our political experience and expertise to reduce risk in our industry so as to ensure our members have the ability to operate safely and protect the traveling public.

Strategic Initiatives

1. Negotiate and enforce improved CBAs

  • Coordinate across pilot groups to establish negotiating goals and priorities

  • Establish National Strike Committee

  • Increase contract compliance

  • Enhance strategic planning at the national and MEC levels

2. Improve airport/cockpit access

3. Strengthen internal/external Organizing Initiatives

  • Promote internal education of ALPA within ALPA

4. Resolve ALPA’s position on the Age 60 issue

5. Promote pro-pilot legislative initiatives

  • Pass Akaka Bill

  • Reform the bankruptcy law

  • Prevent foreign control

  • Increase participation in ALPA-PAC

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