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Welcome Aboard!

For more than three-quarters of a century, ALPA pilots and staff have worked to protect and build our profession and our industry. History is our guide, today is our focus, and tomorrow is our target.

To accomplish this important work, ALPA has a representational structure with tireless elected leaders, committees of knowledgeable, committed pilot volunteers who work day in and day out to protect our interests and advance our profession, and a wide range of departments with qualified professional staff. This booklet will give you a brief overview of what your fellow pilots and this Association can do for your professional life and how we go about working for our members.

Membership in ALPA provides you with a legal and collective voice in your company and your profession throughout your entire career. And you might not even fully realize the value of an ALPA resource until you encounter a situation or event that brings ALPA to your support and defense.

With ALPA, you get a lot for your dues dollar—volunteer and staff support, protection, and information—to help you at every phase of your career, inside and outside the cockpit.

We’re proud of our airline careers, and we’re proud of our membership in ALPA. Our union wings represent an organization that revolutionized our profession and will continue to accomplish great things through strong members. We hope you see why we believe in the advantages of joining the most safety conscious organization in the world—the Air Line Pilots Association, International.

—ALPA Membership Committee

If you are a pilot at an ALPA-represented carrier and not a member of ALPA but would like to join, please open and complete, then return the signed membership application, or you may request a Welcome Aboard packet, which includes a membership application, from the membership department. Please provide the following information in your email request for the Welcome Aboard packet: name, address, phone number, email address, airline, date of hire, employee number, and seniority number.
The Air Line Pilots Association, International, is made up of many diverse pilot groups across the United States and Canada, ranging from the largest pilot group of approximately 9,000 pilots to the smallest group of approximately 20 pilots.

The goal of the union is to meet the distinctive needs of all of its members—and it has done so successfully for eight decades.

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