ALPA Hosts Second Toledo Users Group Meeting

May 1, 2009 - On April 28–29, the Capital Cargo MEC and President’s Committee for Cargo (PCFC), chaired by Capt. Bill McReynolds (FDX), hosted the second meeting of the Toledo Express Airport User Group (TUG) in Toledo, Ohio. The TUG was conceived to assist the CCI MEC in bringing together TOL stakeholders to identify airport safety and security concerns and to develop mutually acceptable solutions.

The meeting’s agenda included personnel and ramp security; Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) and emergency response capabilities; dangerous goods; ramp congestion and aircraft parking; and a variety of dispatch and ATC-related issues. All attendees applauded the meeting, and another event is under consideration for the end of 2009.

Others in attendance included representatives from the BAX Global Corporation (the primary freight forwarder on the airport), Capital Air Cargo safety and security managers, Air Transport, international safety and security managers, TOL Airport Operations, and Air National Guard Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting group.