Executive Council Approves AirTran Merger

April 16, 2009 - ALPA’s Executive Council unanimously approved the merger agreement with the National Pilots Association (NPA), which represents 1,700 AirTran pilots. The merger will now be sent for final approval to ALPA’s full Executive Board on April 28.

The Council greeted the entire NPA Board with a standing ovation. ALPA’s president, Capt. John Prater, then welcomed the entire AirTran pilot group into the Association and declared that all 53,000 members stand ready to help them achieve their goals. He also applauded the tremendous support the pilots gave ALPA during the merger process. “The 88 percent vote in favor of the merger is almost as impressive as the fact that 94 percent of the pilots voted. It speaks volumes about your members and their commitment to a brighter future.”

“This vote brings our pilots one step closer to full membership in ALPA,” said F/O Linden Hillman, NPA’s acting president. “The full resources of the Association will soon be supporting us as we continue to work for a fair and equitable contract.”